Ordering Guide

Easy Ordering With King 300 Labs

We accept Bitcoin (BTC) & Monero (XMR) for payments on our website.

XMR is the most private and untraceable by any authorities. Our customer security and safety is our top priority so we use crypto payments only.




STEP 1 : Make your purchase

Add your products to the cart and checkout like you would on any other normal eCommerce site.

Add your shipping information and place your order by choosing which cryptocurrency you want to use.

XMR for total privacy, but BTC is fine as well.


STEP 2 : Get the crypto address to send to

The next screen will now show you our wallet address and a QR code.  The QR code is just another representation of the wallet address.  Take note of the time you have to acquire your crypto and send it to our address.  This time limit is required because the price of crypto can fluctuate strongly.  Leave your browsing window open or copy/paste our crypto address to a notepad.  You need to send the specified amount of crypto to that address.  You should get an email with the address/amount detail as well after you submit your order.

STEP 3 : Get your crypto and send it to our address

Sign up to an exchange or service that allows you to buy BTC or XMR.  We recommend (but always do your own research and pick one that suits you, there are many guides to be found online):

  • BTCmarkets.net – Australian owned and operated  (BTC only)
  • Binance : you can buy with a credit card on Binance which is the fastest option. Note there are reasonably high fees to do so. (BTC and XMR)
  • LocalBitcoins (cash deposits and bank transfers) (BTC only)


Make sure you put in the exact amount of crypto as defined on the page in step 2.

That way we know it was your order and can associate it with your shipping details and get your order out asap.

Some exchanges/wallets will deduct a fee from the amount you put in the send box (most shouldn’t).  Then we will get a slightly wrong amount, making it difficult to match to your order.  If this happens we will still work with you to sort your order out, it will just delay things. 

Make sure the total sent out after fees is the amount quoted on your order and order email


You may need to KYC (know your customer) with some exchanges and services to get your crypto.  This is quite normal and shouldn’t cause you alarm!

Once your crypto arrives in our wallet we will email you to confirm your order and shipping is pending.  Once your product has been sent out we will email you again to confirm its on its way!

That’s it, your top quality gear is on its way!

If you have any issues feel free to email us at: admin@king300labsaustralia.is


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